Paper Mache Glittered Fruit

A little glitter can go a long way. At our family Christmas dinner on the weekend, I was asked numerous times where I got these “lovely” gold fruit. When I responded that they were just dollar store brown paper mache fruit with some glitter glued to them, the answer was met with disbelief and “why didn’t I think of that”.

It’s probably the quickest craft I’ve done in a long time. Simply take the “fruit”, paint a layer of Mod Podge or even plain craft glue to it and roll it in some gold glitter. Let dry. Give them a good shake before placing them anywhere so that the extra glitter falls off in your craft room instead of all over your living room rug. Take it from me, this stuff finds a new home everywhere!!

Pile them high in a bowl and place them on a side table for some drama any time of year. But especially beautiful when the sun is low in the sky on these dark December days.

Or snowy winter nights like we’ve been experiencing for the last few days. This is our deck at the back of the yard dressed in it’s winter wonderland theme (courtesy of Mother Nature).

4 thoughts on “Paper Mache Glittered Fruit

  1. Cynthia

    I love sugared and beaded fruit during the Christmas season. I have left some out all year long. We have quite a bit of snow too but it is supposed to be 57 Sunday so it will melt I’m sure. I hate when the weather is bazar like that around the holidays


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