Vintage Hankie Stockings

When I was a little girl, my sisters and I had little yellow quilted pouches in which we kept our cherished handkerchiefs. These pouches were a gift from my paternal grandmother and I kept mine in the little cupboard which was built into my headboard. My favourite hankie had a violet embroidered on it signifying my February birthday flower.

similar to these

That pouch as well as many other things are long gone. But vintage hankies are easy to find at most antique markets or even thrift shops and are being used in all sorts of sewing and craft projects. I found a couple of vintage hankies at a yard sale this past summer and have been looking for some inspiration to use them.

Using a template from Martha Stewart, I made the stocking from a white canvas fabric. Then I took the hankie, cut two pieces to make the “cuff” and sewed them together. Make sure that you sew the right side of the cuff to the wrong side of the stocking so that the embroidery shows. I had to play with mine a couple of times to get it right.

This was probably a man’s hankie as the detail is quite simple. I think that the simplicity of the design and the starkness of the canvas fabric works well together.

A quick walk around the yard to gather some evergreen and holly and my vintage stocking is hung on the guest room door to greet any Christmas visitors.

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    These are simply gorgeous! Unfortunately, our Inlinkz tool at our Christmas Party/Giveaway isn’t working on Jen’s (Four Marr’s One Venus )blog and she isn’t able to update it until Tuesday. If you would still like to enter your link, you have to enter it from my page. So sorry about the inconvenience! Happy Thanksgiving ~ Julie

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    I love it Heather so simple and beautiful. I didnt start to bake either, I’m thinking of starting this weekend and maybe sending them during the week.
    I’m so excited today that I got my first batch.
    Hugs and Kisses my friend!

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    How ingenious! I love that we can see your grandmother’s photo on the dresser.
    I remember those special handkerchief very well. Beautiful memories,

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