The Emperor’s New Coat

Where would we be without HomeSense (or Home Goods if you are south of the border)?

Every time there’s a need for “that little something to complete the look”, I’m off to HomeSense. I love walking the aisles, hunting for that treasure, discovering something that I didn’t know I needed and suddenly can’t live without. And now that we’ve moved out of the big city, the closest one is an hour away. So it’s even more exciting!

With the Emperor’s Table finished and ready to be added to the living room, he needed to be dressed for the party. (why is she calling it the Emperor’s Table? since it was painted in ASCP Emperor’s Silk, it has been renamed from “horrible ugly side of the road” table to Emperor’s Table because it’s so regal looking). Sorry about that – back to our regularly scheduled posting…….This table was naked. Just like the Emperor’s New Coat, only I could see it fully clothed and decked out. There was a vision and as usual, HomeSense helped me make it a reality.

I knew where the table was going to go – along a little sidewall in the living room. But I wasn’t sure what to dress it with until I saw this cream and red bowl/platter and these great wooden candlesticks the other day. The red in the bowl is almost the colour of the table which is almost the colour of the background colour in the area rug which is almost the colour of the red in the drapes. You get the idea.

On the middle shelf is a piece of “coral” I found at West Elm back in the winter and another piece from the collection from HomeSense. The wooden box on the bottom shelf is actually my husband’s humidor. But I love how the tassel on the key is red so it matches. I’ve always hated the drapes – they were here when we bought the house and I just haven’t gotten around to changing them. They don’t look so back all of a sudden.

The light changes so much throughout the day in this room. This last photo was taken in the early evening with the overhead lights on, giving the whole room a warmer glow. The paint is actually a warm beige – BM Lambskin. The trim is original to the house – oak or gum wood I think. I wouldn’t mind painting it, but that’s not going to happen with my wood loving husband around. The floors are original too – oak wide planked with wooden pegs, not nailed in. The print is my husbands – Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto (home of the Canadian Law Society) and actually has some of the red in it. I think I’m detecting a theme here. So much for my neutral beige room.


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    well! what a pretty little vignette…I love the way you have’s perfect. I also like the drapes..just the right colors. I’m going to drag out my hubbie’s humidor which is orange leather. This has a very oriental feel..also love that vent cover!

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