Raised Garden – Part 1

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It’s Day 2 of the “build a vegetable garden” weekend at our old house and progress is definitely being made. Here’s a bit of a recap that brought us to where we are now – which is ready for the triple mix to be delivered tomorrow – 6 yards of soil!!

When we moved into the house, the gardens had been neglected for a few years. As the previous owners were elderly, one of them having recently passed away before the sale, we totally understood. But it meant that things had grown a bit out of control and that what was decent bones of the garden were hard to find under the growth. There was no vegetable garden and the spot behind the garage seemed to scream “PLANT HERE“.

Last fall, we had some top soil delivered to the house and I set about staking out the vegetable garden. This is as far as I got before the winter set in. What I didn’t realize when choosing this site was that it was on quite a bit of a slope and that meant that we had to build up the back edge and far side of the garden or it would all run away.

You know, I don’t know what we would all do without the internet and fellow bloggers because I honestly didn’t know where to start. But with a little research under our belts, we decided this was a do-able task and that we could easily get it done over the course of a couple of days.

Step One was to lay out the garden and stretch a line to determine the borders. We needed to dig a trench in which to lay the wood planks on their ends to build up the boundaries. Those burlap piles you see in the background are bags filled with shredded leaves from the fall clean-up. They will be dug into the existing soil to aerate it and feed it some much needed nutrients.

Here’s hubby (in his best gardening attire) digging the trench with his handy pick. The line is laid plumb so that we could determine how deep we needed to bury the higher end. Once that is done, we backfilled the trench and moved onto the other side.

Once you’ve got one side completed, you can move on to the adjoining side securing everything with 2×3 posts. You can see my garlic, shallots and chives don’t seem to mind all this action going on around them.

Nearly finished, you can see the slope that we were dealing with. We actually had to go up 3 boards high in the left corner as the grade was really steep.

Now that this part of the project is finished, the next step is to amend the soil by adding some triple mix and some sheep manure before planting. My goal is to get some lettuce and spinach in the ground this week.  I’ll be back later in the week with Part 2 – moving some of the old fence to the front of the garden and building an arbour as an “entrance”.

8 thoughts on “Raised Garden – Part 1

  1. Robin

    I love raised beds. I installed some a few years back and I still love the.

    Yours is nice and big which will be wonderful. Can’t wait to see what Part 2 has to share with us.

  2. Heather Graham

    How wonderful! So far I’ve just planted flowers… I love fresh veggies from my garden! Would enjoy having you again at our linky party…

    stringtown home


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