Fuschia and Chartreuse – My New Favorite Colour Combination

First of all, let me apologize to all you non-gardeners out there as this post is AGAIN about the garden. You see it’s been a few years since I’ve had the space or the time to garden properly. Yes we did have a bit of a garden in our last house, but it’s nothing like the space I have now. Plus I was working crazy hours flying all over Canada. By the time I got back home to even water things, they were mostly dead. So now that I have both the time and the space, I’m a little gardening obsessed. Bear with me, there will be DIY and food posts coming this week. I promise. Really. I do.

But for those of you who are enjoying following along to the beat of this crazy gardener, this post is for you!!

We’re building (yet another) flower bed in the backyard. It’s going to look something like this – eventually, I hope.

Actually it’s going to look nothing like this after all. But it will have an urn in the middle of it, to be rigged up as a “pot fountain” in the middle of a shade garden.

One of the challenges of a shade garden is finding colour beyond the greens and whites of your typical hostas. I already know that I can get yellows, chartreuse and even some blues in a garden filled with hostas. But I wanted more colour to add to the pink astilbe that I already had.

McKay Nurseries – Visions in Pink astilbe
With a little help from some new Tillsonburg gardening friends and a trip to my favourite new nursery, Tillsonburg Garden Gate, I was able to add some fuchsia and green to this otherwise dark corner of the garden.

These new additions will add some fuchsia and chartreuse to the dark greens and whites of this area – henceforth known as the Maple Shade Garden as it sits under a huge old maple tree. Clockwise from top left we have a red trillium thanks to Linda, a TBurg curling friend, heuchera “Midnight Rose” – look at the detail in the leaves, variegated Solomons Seal peaking through the ground, hosta “Designer Genes (almost looks like a fancy rhubarb in the garden) and finally tiarelle “Runny Tapestry” (white flowers, I know, but look at the spattering of fuchsia on the chartreuse leaves.

The garden also has a couple of new hostas – “Segue”, “Halcyon” and “Northern Lights” – the last two I brought with me from my old garden as they were two of my favorites:

segues, halcyon and northern lights hostas

 With the addition of some ostrich ferns, a few Annabelle hydrangeas, forget-me-nots and lungwort, this garden will be full of colour throughout most of the summer.

Stay tuned for a tutorial on the pot fountain once I find the right pot. You can find me at the following linky parties:

Mary from Little Red House for Mosaic Mondays


8 thoughts on “Fuschia and Chartreuse – My New Favorite Colour Combination

  1. Snap

    I’m enjoying watching you work in your garden! Love your fuschia and chartreuse selections for the shade. Fun post! Lovely images.

  2. Naturegirl

    Love the idea of the bright blue as a focal point in your garden!Love your choice of color in the garden!
    Those are the colors that I have always loved however in my woodland garden I am using colors that I thought that I NEVER ever would but orange and reds really pop amongst the woodland.
    Happy Earth Day!

  3. Jo @ To a Pretty Life

    Oh, that is going to be beautiful! I need to bookmark this post for the plant ideas. I have a sort-of-shadyish new garden bed to fill this year. I’m excited to use hostas again, since I miss them from our last house, along with the bleeding hearts and sweet woodrush. Most of our yard is very sunny.

  4. Pondside

    It’s going to be beautiful! I love the whole process of planning the beds and then finding the plants. Good luck with this – let’s see photos when it’s all done.


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