Making Your House Your Home

So many times people say that our house is very homey. I’ve heard this many times every since my first apartment. It took me a long time to realize exactly what they meant by that. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it just means that our home is welcoming, warm and inviting.

Now every one’s idea of warm and inviting is different, depending on your personal style. But for me, I think it means that there are things that remind them that the house is a home. It’s not always perfect – there are newspapers on the couch right now waiting for Alan to read them tonight. There is always some project I haven’t finished – currently the guest bathroom. But there are always little touches that make things special.

One of the things that I try to do is display some of our family history. I’m not talking about a gallery of family photos, just little touches like this photo of Alan travelling through Europe after university. I also have a photo of the ship on which Alan’s parents immigrated to Canada and  a photo of my father as a young child with his father and grandfather – both sitting on side tables in the living room.

I try to make seasonal adjustments to the mantel and other areas in the home like the kitchen table and sideboard. I try not to make it look like a greeting card store. But rather add just enough to say “hey, it’s spring”. Recently I forced some magnolia branches and they are currently giving us a taste of what is to come.

When guests arrive, I want our home to smell wonderful. I usually attain this goal by baking something. To me,  there is nothing more welcoming than something home cooked. So whether it’s a pot of soup, some tea biscuits, a warm stew or an elaborate dessert, I want my guests to leave satisfied by the warm food offered.

from top left: raspberry chocolate torte, turkey meatball soup, yogurt banana bread,
salted caramel chocolate cake, cranberry orange tea biscuits, potatoes in ramekins

And finally it’s about creating places to relax indoors and outdoors. Small things like pillows and cushions, small side tables to rest a drink on and quiet spots to reflect. These are the things that make a room inviting to me.

Add a bunch of grocery store tulips like the ones in the photo above for a flash of colour and you’re ready to greet anyone.
How do you make your house a home?
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11 thoughts on “Making Your House Your Home

  1. Tammara

    Lovely! Your home certainly looks comfy and inviting. I love the idea of displaying some family history. I recently found a big box of my husbands family history and have been wondering what to do with it. You’ve given me some great ideas here, Thanks! Oh, and I love the magnolias! – never thought of forcing them :) Happy Spring

  2. Marie Wreath

    Absolutely enticing… I have no doubt your home is welcoming! Love what you said, giving a taste of things to come, seasonally. Not in your face, just comfy and welcoming. And family history always gets people to relax. Feels like a home, not a museum. xoxo

  3. Connie

    I agree with everyone above; your home is lovely. I think what makes a house a home is the little touches that show your personality. Your home is full of personality, along with the feeling of comfort. Beautiful! Your new blogging friend, Connie

  4. Crafty Gardener

    I so agree that it is the little things, sometimes grouped together, that make a house a home. I can’t wait to set up our outside rooms and already my mind is moving things around so it will be welcoming.

  5. Sigrun

    I’m so enamoured with knitting, I tell myself that the yarn and projects are “decor”, and once in a while a real thorough cleaning, where the knitting books are returned to the library “bookshelf” to be re-discovered like new books.
    I don’t like dusting, and our house dusts-up very quickly (still have carpets), so I have very little bric-a-brac around. Love your style.
    Now, outside in the gardens, (no dusting there), that’s where my style can really “bloom”.☺

  6. Eri

    Your house and decorating ideas are beautiful, I believe (like Ikea haha) that any space can be beautiful, the thing that matters to me is to feel comfortable and loved! Have a wonderful weekend Heather!


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