Early Spring Mantel

The last few days here in SW Ontario have felt more like May than March and I have to keep reminding myself that we ARE in Canada and that last year on March 23rd we had 10 cm (5″) of snow!!! It feels like the ground has opened up and that the plants are jumping out of the ground. I have crocuses, snowdrops and scilla blooming in the garden right now with the flowering quince,  hyacinths and daffodils ready to bloom.

However that being said,  we have to remember that it is only the middle of March and we are in Canada. Which means that it will probably be another 6 weeks before the trees are leafing out. With that in mind, I’ve come up with an early spring mantel display that keeps to our Canadian seasons.
Simple and clean with the colours of our early spring, my mantel display is a combination of things I had around the house. I know that the Alex Kingsland print is a winter scene. I think once spring is in full swing, I’ll have to change it out to something a little more colourful. But for now (that seems to be my mantra), I like how the colours in the print don’t compete with the mantel decor.

The first thing to bloom in our gardens is always the forsythia and this little wreath (from the dollar store two years ago) adds some colour to the neutral tones of the plaque and bird nest (real, one of two from friend Guy’s farm). I love the saying on the plaque – ” Each spring the song of the universe beings again”. It speaks to how I truly feel about spring and gardening. 

The forced magnolias are finished, so I needed to add something to the tomato jar to keep it going through the spring. Another trip to the dollar store for some pussy willow branches and I’m all set. Would you believe that I couldn’t find any real ones here in town! Add these little bird pillars from HomeSense which normally sit on top of one of the kithchen cabinets and my little vignette is complete.
It might be too simple for some. It might lack colour for others. But here in mid-March, it’s the sort of theme that reminds me that spring is indeed on it’s way, but not yet (even if the weather says otherwise).
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