My January To-Do List

Let me just get it out there…..I love January. I think it’s my favorite month of the year. Certainly not because of the weather here in Canada. But because it’s a fresh start, a new year, a new beginning. A chance to rethink where we’re at, who we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going. I love those cold crisp sunny mornings that motivate me to get things done, to get outside and get some wind in my sails. I love the opportunity to clear out the Christmas decorations – which seem to me so old and heavy at this time of year. And I love the “to do” list I always start at this time of year. So here goes….I figure if I tell you, then it’s official and I will need to work on these things:

Inspired Room
Reorganize My Pantry: I’m so lucky to have a walk-in pantry not unlike the one above. But it certainly doesn’t look like this as it’s become a dumping ground for cookie tins, patio glasses and plates and recycling. I want it to look a bit more organized and will be working on it this week. 
Create A Storage Area for my Craft/Sewing Supplies: It won’t look like this as it will be in the basement which is old, dark and the walls are covered in a horrid 70′s wallpaper. But right now, things are stuffed into a little pantry unit and overflowing onto the small work table. I’ll need to do some major reorganizing before getting started on any major projects.
Ikea Pax Wardrobe System

Rebuild Alan’s Closet: Since we moved in, Alan’s clothes have been in total chaos. I don’t understand how a man who spends his life in uniform can have more clothes than I do, but he does. And it’s a mess. Because of the period of this house and it’s lack of large closets, he’s been relegated to using the guest room for dressing. Most days his clothes are piled on the bed and there is still a big bag of clothes on the bottom of the closet floor that need to be dealt with. So we’re going to be taking a trip to Ikea to purchase some of these wardrobe systems to help him organize his clutter. That and a dump truck should take care of it all.

Jones Design Company

Paint the Guest Bathroom: Using this handpainted wallpaper idea, I’m going to paint the downstairs bathroom and refresh the hardware and light fixtures. Right now it’s beige, beige, beige. Boring, boring, boring. I think a guest bathroom is the perfect place to go crazy and this wallpaper effect will add some warmth and design impact to an otherwise utilitarian room. I’ll be posting about this in more detail as I progress with this project.

And last but not least Paint the TV Room (Snug, Den, whatever you want to call it): Now that the living room and dining room have been redone, it’s time to freshen up the TV room and get rid of the last bit of sage green. We’ll be choosing a warm mushroom colour – Benjamin Moore Edgewood Rocks to complement the BM Lambskin of the living room. This is this week’s number one project. 
And of course, there is the usual plan to lose 20 pounds, walk every day, eat healthier and get more sleep. It’s been a wonderful holiday season. But now it’s back to reality. And I’m happy it’s January.
What are your plans for the new year?

10 thoughts on “My January To-Do List

  1. Natasha in Oz

    Thanks so much for popping by today Heather-it looks like we are both making lots of changes this year! I want to get more organised too!

    Thanks also for the hempseed tip. I will investigate it straight away!

    Happy New year and have fun with your plans!

    Best wishes,

  2. Muddaritaville

    Hi Heather, I look forward to your Pick a Room!
    My entrance way and laundry room are huge for me this year … well, every room needs just a little Sumthin. I’m taking next week off work to get going!


  3. Carolyn@SweetChaos

    Hi Heather! FYI…you need to hook up your e-mail or blogger profile to your comments on other blogs. That way people can visit your blog or respond to your questions. I couldn’t respond directly to your question, so I tracked you down :)

    I lucked out and found the artillery basket at a local antiques store. You might try ebay or etsy though. Good luck!!

    And, good luck with your 2012 goals! I’ll look forward to reading your blog this year :)

  4. Eri

    Happy New Year Heather! Best wishes to you!
    I agree January is the best month for a fresh new start for everything!
    Good Luck on your projects!

  5. Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

    Heather, I downloaded that pattern from the Jones Design Co as well, have been thinking about it for guest room. Thinking about trying to make it into a stancil, instead of painting it freehand. Let me know how it works out.

  6. Heather

    @ Green Goose – yes, you’re right, it’s the first January. We haven’t had a complete year here yet. I kind of like that because it’s all still so new.

    Have fun shovelling – we’ll be shovelling snow later – a little more pleasant than your task.

  7. Green Goose

    Ha! Our lists are almost identical, especially the dump truck and 20 pounds parts. I have some manure to scoop but less painting to do, so I suppose we’re even? LOL

    January is such a fresh, exciting, motivational time! Am I right that this is your first January in your new home? Enjoy every day. Looking forward to pics!


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