wedding sweets table collage

Wedding Sweets Table

Many of you don’t know this, but in a previous life I had a business making wedding cakes. On really busy weeks, there would be up to 8 wedding cakes created and delivered along with numerous birthday and other cakes. So it’s only seems natural that I will be creating the sweets table at my daughter’s upcoming wedding (NEXT WEEKEND!!!). Here’s the inspiration for the table as it’s being held in a barn with a rustic country fair theme – banners and burlap, fresh flowers in vintage bottles and a hot dog stand later in the evening.


As it’s a barn wedding, the rustic feel of this table is perfect. I’ve been busy gathering interesting cake stands at barn and yard sales all summer long and have a great collection. I don’t want to share them with you right now as there are too many family and friends reading this blog and I don’t want to give everything away.

This week, I’m baking and freezing most of the treats and thought I would share with you some of the things I’ll be doing:

Carrot Cake

wedding sweets table carrot cake


Always a family favourite, I’ll be making my famous carrot cake. But I’ll be doing it in the form of cupcakes for easier serving. The recipe is adapted from an old Canadian Living recipe and you can find it here: Carrot Cake: The Best Cake You’ll Ever Make

Coconut Cream Cupcakescoconut cream cupcakes

My daughter was not too specific about what she wanted on the sweets table, except for these coconut cream cupcakes. Coconut cake filled with coconut cream pie filling and topped with coconut buttercream frosting, these are delicious!! And relatively easy because I used a  Duncan Hines Signature Yellow Cake Mix and added ingredients to make it special. Check out the recipe here: Coconut Cream Cupcakes

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes


via Pinterest

The final cupcake will be a chocolate raspberry flavoured cake. Again, I’m using a mix – Duncan Hines Signature Devil’s Food Cake Mix and adding crushed and strained raspberries to the mix for added flavour. The frosting will be a buttercream tinted pink and flavoured with raspberry juice. I can’t wait!

Apple Crumble in Mason Jars

mason jar apple crumble

via pinterest

To keep with the rustic theme of the wedding, we’ll be making apple crumble in mason jars served in a fruit crate. I’ll be sharing the recipe later in the week….

Lemon Squares


When you find a recipe that works and quickly becomes a family favourite, why would you want to change it. I’ve made thousands of these Canadian Living Lemon Squares over the years and the tradition has been passed on to my daughter and my daughter-in-law who will be making them for the wedding. Here’s this tried and try recipe found on the Canadian Living website: Lovely Lemon Squares recipe

There will also be a tower of three different types of cookies lovingly baked by my BFFs, The Blue Hats and an assortment of Filipino desserts courtesy of the in-laws.

So even though it’s record heat here today, I’ll be spending the day in the kitchen whipping up 15 dozen cupcakes.  The wedding cake was baked yesterday, wrapped in two layers of plastic wrap and tucked into the freezer ready for filling and icing Wednesday next week.






neutral fall decor vignette

Neutral Fall Decor

I’m not ready for all the orange and rust that fall decor brings to our homes. I’m still enjoying the summer weather and can’t think of bright orange pumpkins and red maple leaves. With that in mind, here’s a simple neutral vignette created for our front hall. It doesn’t scream fall colours, but sends out a gentle message. Plus it has one of my favourite items for fall decor: plush pumpkins.


small front hall dec

The front hall in our home is really small – more of an entry room than hall measuring just 6′ x 8′. I’ve always struggled with the decor as there’s not much room to do much. Plus we haven’t changed out the wallpaper here as it’s a daunting task requiring some new drywall to remove the water damaged plaster from years gone by. Add to that the fact that nobody ever uses the front door and it’s a bit of a neglected area.

fall decor front hall

This little vignette was created using some of my plush pumpkins made a couple of years ago, a wine jug and some feathery natural looking picks I recently found.

fall decor plush pumpkins

The pumpkins are so easy to make – I’ve made dozens over the years using velveteen, suede like fabric and velour. For complete instructions on how to make these, click on the link below.

Fall Decor: Plush Pumpkin Tutorial 

fall decor plush pumpkins


The pumpkins take less than 10 minutes each to make. Spend an hour or two making a bunch and you’ll have enough to fill your home with these little gems.

fall decor front hall


My front hall looks so much friendlier with it’s addition of the pumpkins and feather “grass”. Plus it doesn’t compete with my favourite Jane Wooster Scott print, bought years ago at a cruise art auction of all places.

Have you started decorating for fall? With the kids back at school and Labour Day weekend coming up, I’m starting to get the urge to add some touches of autumn to my home.


Sunday Quotes #5

Today’s edition of Sunday Quotes really resonated with me as I reflected back to what I call “my previous life”. In my last marriage, I was really never to true to myself. I never felt “at home” in this marriage and could never put my finger on what it was. Now I know. Now that I live life true to myself – a simpler life filled with ideas shared and experiences truer to my heart shared with someone who’s ideas and morals are the same as mine. I’m so lucky that I found that inner voice and could share it with someone who’s voice speaks the same language.

Sunday Quotes #5

So I ask you this Sunday morning, are you living a life that is true to yourself?