Hiatus from Projects

deck chairs

Hi All Some of you may know that I have been dealing with some serious back problems for about a year now. Today I’m having surgery to remedy that problem. The recuperation period for this type of surgery (a laminectomy and discotemy) is two months. Hopefully once I’ve recuperated, I’ll be back to my usual […]

Gardening Tips: Five Early Spring Tasks


Are you ready? Gardening season is quickly approaching and those of us with the gardening bug are itching to get out there and do SOMETHING, ANYTHING!! But hold your horses! This is a delicate time of year – not quite spring, not quite winter. I call it SPRINGTER.  Many of us are fighting freezing temperatures at […]

Springtime Pizza with Spinach

springtime pizza with spinach

We love pizza in this house – frozen, delivered and especially homemade – I think my husband would eat it every day of the week if he could (or if I’d let him)! There are so many ways to make pizza different from the traditional pepperoni pizza that I’m always experimenting with something new. One […]

Spring Gardening

spring gardening

Welcome, welcome, welcome new season, my favourite season, the season of growth and renewal: SPRING!!!    And with the arrival of spring, there brings another season. The season of spring gardening. There really is nothing like getting out into the garden and clearing away the winter debris to unearth new sprouts peeking through the soil. […]

Welcome Spring Sign

welcome spring sign stencil

One of the things I find most challenging when I’m making stencilling is the expense of purchasing all those stencils for various projects. In the past, I’ve used a variety of techniques from tracing words and images like on this vintage sign  to cutting out card stock letters and making my own stencils by cutting out […]