Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Miss Pumpkin Seed

Fellow Garden Charmer Melissa, The Empress of Dirt is hosting the 1st Annual Crack-Me-Up-O-Lantern Pumpkin Decorating Contest over on her blog and on our Garden Charmers Facebook page. She challenged each of us Garden Charmers to create our very own version of a jack-o-lantern using items found around the home and garden. You know I’m always up […]

Vintage Magazine Covers Christmas Printables

vintage magazine cover Christmas printable

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend handed me an envelope with three gorgeous little “postcards” inside. They were each a copy of  vintage McCall’s magazine covers from the 1910’s. She said she knew I would do something cute with them. They are the perfect thing for my very first ever free Christmas printables, just […]

Saturday Stroll – A Challenge

Saturday stroll park

It’s Saturday, a busy day for most of us. Between errands, chores and chauffeuring the kids to practice or birthday parties, there’s little time left for you. Forget about romance with your special someone. There’s just too much to do today!! But we all need some time away from the business of life. We all […]

Favourite Fall Recipes

favourite fall recipes

The leaves are turning, the pumpkins are ready for decorating and there’s a chill in the air. No better time to gather together some of my favourite fall recipes to share.         World’s Best Carrot Cake First on my list of favourite fall recipes is this yummy carrot cake. Not necessarily a […]