A New Look

You’ve probably noticed a change in our look. It was time for  a little spring cleaning here on the blog. So I’ve moved things around and changed how the blog looks and how its managed behind the scenes. It’s cleaner looking, easier to navigate and easier to access (once I learn all the little nuances).


But a big change like this doesn’t come without some snags along the way

IMG_2852 It seems that those of you who have been receiving new posts on a regular basis are not doing so now. So I’m asking that you sign up again in the box on the right. That way, you won’t miss a thing.


Thanks so much for following along for the past almost three years. I’m excited to see what this new chapter will bring to the blog.


Farm Sale Find Turned Into Vintage Treasure

Have you ever come across something at a yard sale or auction that you knew you just had to have even though it was dirty/old/useless/broken? That’s exactly how I felt when I saw these two dirty old chicken feeder troughs at a farm sale last fall. I didn’t know what I would do with them. I just loved their shape and size and broken down old wood.

chicken troughs New House New Home

At about 10 feet long, these chicken feeders were really too big to use inside (unless you were lucky enough to have a HUGE kitchen table) and with no clear plan, they sat in the garage over the winter.

chicken feeder 2 New House New Home

A couple of weeks ago it was finally warm enough to actually do some work in the garage, so hubby cut them down. One has been cut into three pieces, each of which is about 3′ long (like the one above) and the other was cut into two pieces. The challenge was that by cutting them, we needed some new “ends”. So we dug around until we found some scrap wood and hubby cut out ends to match the originals. He even found some old square ended nails to use in reconstructing them. Cool man I have there.

chicken feeder - after New House New Home

After a bit of reconstruction to attach the new ends and cut down the handle to fit, a thin coat of ASCP Pure White was applied. Before it was totally dry, I wiped it down to take off some excess paint and let the wood grain show through.

 It’s rough wood finish and cracks and holes in the wood show through nicely with some distressing. After all when you have an old worn piece like this, making it too “new” defeats the whole purpose in my opinion.

We still have 4 more pieces to work with. I can see this on a kitchen table filled with jars and flowers, in the garden as an accent piece or even as a window box. Telling your friends that it used to be a chicken feeder is half the fun!


It’s Okay to Mix Faux and Real Flowers

spring urn New House New Home

It’s okay, isn’t it? I mean, here in Canada we really don’t have much to work with right now. And even though the sun has shone for a day or two, there’s always some grey days ahead of us in April. So I did the unthinkable and mixed some faux and real flowers together to create a welcoming spring vignette for the front door.

spring 2014 New House New Home

My jumping off point was the forsythia wreath which is made from faux branches picked up at the dollar store last month. I’ve been waiting for the forsythia to bloom in my neighbour’s yard so that I could cut some down. But it’s been a cold and long winter and I just couldn’t wait any longer.

And I’ve been waiting for the tulip bulbs to emerge from their winter home in these pots. They were planted up in October and tucked away in the garage for the winter.  Here’s how they looked in the fall….

Now that the sun has warmed the soil a bit, they’ve started to show some signs of growth. But it’s still about a month before they will be blooming, so I added some pansies around the outside of the pot.

Then I headed back inside and raided the kitchen table for the faux forsythia stems left over from the wreath project. A few clips here and there to give them a more natural look and the new urns are ready to welcome the sunny weather.

front door urns New House New Home

From the street, you’d never know they were faux stems. In fact, it’s hard to tell until you are really close. It’s not something I usually do. But it’s okay, isn’t it? I haven’t broken any Golden Rule here, have I?