Fresh From The Garden: Cherry Tomato Jam

Don’t think I’ve gone crazy with this one! Cherry Tomato Jam? What is this girl thinking? Trust me, it’s delicious. Fresh from the garden cherry tomatoes rendered down into a delicious topping for cheddar cheese, served as a condiment along with egg dishes or topping a baked brie. It’s all the goodness of summer in a jar….

cherry tomato jam fresh from the garden

If you’re like me and you’ve grown cherry tomatoes, you’re probably being inundated with the little beauties. I can’t keep up….we’re eating them in salads, in pasta, in stews, packed in lunches and sitting on a bowl on the counter for picking’ as you’re passion’. But it’s getting cold here and I needed to take out the remaining tomato plants before a frost, so I had a glut of tomatoes and nothing to do with them. Make jam, I thought!! So with a little googling, I found some recipes, switched them up to make them mine and came up with this yummy condiment.

cherry tomato jam cooking

Gather about 8 cups of cherry tomatoes. I suppose you could use roma or eating tomatoes, but the sweetness from the smaller tomatoes seems to lend itself well to this recipe.

Wash them and place them in a heavy pot along with:

3 TBS olive oil

2/3 cup white wine vinegar

1 shallot or 1/2 yellow onion, very finely minced

1 TBS chopped garlic

3/4 cup sugar

1 TBS lemon zest

2 TBS salt

Heat the mixture until boiling and then reduce heat and simmer. Be sure to stir occasionally so it doesn’t stick. Continue cooking until most of the liquid is gone and it has a jammy consistency. It usually takes about 1 hour for this to reduce.

Add 1 TBS balsamic vinegar for a sweet earthy taste. This is totally optional, but I like the richness it gives the jam.

Transfer to sterilized canning jars and seal. Store the hot jars on a towel on the counter. As the mixture cools, you should hear that wonderful “pop” which indicates that the jar has sealed properly. If you don’t hear the pop, don’t panic. You can store the jam in the fridge for two or three months without any problem. But you won’t need to worry because you’ll have eaten it all by then.

cherry tomato jam with cheese

Serve it with cheese and crackers. We like an old cheddar to counter the richness of the jam. It’s also delicious with cream cheese or used as a topping on a baked brie. Try it with your favourite baguette!

This recipe makes about 4 cups of jam.